When it rains it pours. This old adage never rings so true as when you are operating a show cave. Last night’s huge storms brought a huge amount of water to our cave, and by some stroke of bad luck the pump in the front room failed. It’s okay, we are Adventurers to the core….that’s why we do this job. So, we rolled up our pants and went wading to set up a temporary to pump water into the middle room.

We will have to wait a day or so to know how effective our efforts are. There is about 7 inches of breathing space to wade through to the middle room. There is only so much human intervention we are willing or able to impose on the cave. We believe strongly in letting nature do what nature does, and has done, for 140 million years. Flooding is just a part of the process.

We will keep you posted!

IMG_6284 2Water Run Run Run


Pump...the struggle is real. Teamwork


"Hey, can you throw us some waders?"