The Erskine Collection

Cascade Caverns is proud to have recently acquired the amazing Erskine Collection. We are honored to continue the legacy of Mr. Ralph B. Erskine (1912-2004), the original collector. He discovered the majority of the collection himself from all over the United States, Mexico and the world. He collected during his early years near his home in Maine which means the collection is loaded with beautiful tourmalines, rose quartz, lepidolite and many, many others from Mt. Mica and other nearby mines in Maine. During the 1930’s, he owned a rock shop named Beau-Mont Industries in Gardiner, Maine.

After marrying, he, his wife and their collection moved to California and settled in La Jolla where he continued to collect and identify specimens his entire life. He was an architect by trade and his professional career took him to many exotic locales where he was always hunting for unique rocks. The collection has over 100,000 specimens.

There are so many minerals, gems and rocks, that only about 5% of the collection has been dusted off and is for sale at the Cascade Caverns Rock Shop. Time will allow us to unveil the remainder of the collection.

If there is a specific mineral you are hunting for please contact us.