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Check-In and Rules / Regulations


Please take a few moments to review our park rules that have been designed through many, many years of experience for our campers to have a happy, relaxed and enjoyable stay with us.


1)QUIET HOURS are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. No excessive noise at any time. Please respect your neighbors.

2)The Cascade General Manager reserves the right to ask any person to leave the park at any time due to misconduct.

3)Do not cross fence lines on the property or enter neighboring properties (includes campsites).

4)No solicitation of any kind between campers, employees or visitors is permitted. Fraternization is discouraged.

5)Cascade Caverns CANNOT be used as a personal mailing address or listed as a legal residence. Campers who need to receive mail must get a post office box in town.

6)Tampering with park property (electrical, plumbing, etc.) will result in immediate eviction.


1)Parents are responsible for the actions, safety, and supervision of their children. Children and teenagers 16 and under must be at their own campsite or accompanied by an adult after 10:00 PM.

2)Pets are allowed with air-conditioned RV’s only. No pets in tents. Dogs are to be on a 6-foot maximum leash. No pets are allowed in the buildings or cave. All pet waste is to be picked up and placed in the nearest trash receptacle. Pets may not be left unattended outside your RV (no cages or pens). The owner shall guarantee that his/her pet has all current vaccinations. The owner understands that he/she is responsible for the actions of his/her pet. In the event that any animal becomes, in the sole opinion of Cascade Caverns, a nuisance to other guests or employees, such animal shall be removed from the property immediately upon receipt of notice from Cascade Caverns management. No guest shall be permitted to maintain on his/her campsite any pet(s) of aggressive, noisy or vicious temperament. Horses are NOT allowed in the park (they are destructive).

3)Feeding of wild animals (birds, deer, feral cats, etc.) in the park is strictly forbidden.


1)Fireworks and firearms (incl. bows & arrows) are NOT permitted in the park per state law. No hunting or poaching!

2)Ground fires and wood fires are NOT permitted on campsites during periods when burn-bans are implemented by Kendall County. Personal grills may be used for cooking but may not be placed on picnic tables. Please see manager for burn rings and portable grills.

3) SMOKING is NOT permitted in any building, facility or structure in the park!

4)Damage or destruction of any property will be paid for by the responsible party. Management is NOT responsible for loss or damage of personal property caused by fire, thefts or accidents.


1)We reserve the right to assign sites. If you wish to change sites, please check in at the office first.

2)The maximum number of people per campsite/RV site is six (6).

3)The park speed limit is 10 MPH. Do not use the pull-through spaces as shortcuts between the roads! Pay attention to signs!

4) NO ATV’s, go-carts,off-roadd motorcycles, Segways, skateboards or remote-controlled craft are allowed to be used in the park.

5) All vehicles must be registered at the office and may only be driven by campers with a valid driver’s license (includes golf carts). Golf carts are not to be driven after dark unless they have proper lighting.

6)You may only have two (2) vehicles on an RV site (3 vehicles on bigger Section A sites) OR two (2) tents on a campsite. If your tent(s) or vehicle(s) don’t fit on a single campsite, you will have to rent (an) additional campsite(s) or storage space. Do NOT park extra vehicles on empty sites. No tents in the RV sites! (Sections A-E). No boats permitted! NOTE: one RV = one vehicle.

7)Vehicle repairs & washing NOT permitted in park. Abandoned or derelict vehicles will be towed.

8) No vehicle idling or overnight generator running in park.

9) No Orphan RVs. Pull-vehicle must be available at all times. Abandoned or derelict vehicles will be towed.


1) Check out time is 12:00 Noon. Additional charge for late check outs. Inquire at the office in advance.

2) Daily visitors may be subject to an entrance fee and MUST check in at the office.

3) Campsite reservations are NOT accepted. Sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

4)Rates are subject to change without notice. Office hours are posted at the Gift Shop entrance. Site prices are fixed and non-negotiable. No pro-rating of weekly or monthly rates. No 3rd Party payments.

5)Violators of Cascade Park Rules & Regulations and/or non-payors of camping or storage fees due will receive a 3-Day Notice to pay or quit. Failure to pay or quit will result in formal eviction proceedings (Kendall County Justice Court). A late fee of $10.00 will be charged for each day payment is late. Abandoned, late-pay vehicles will be towed. Unpaid fees or costs remaining after camper or storer quits the site will be referred to a collection agency.


1) Please keep your campsite(s) clean. No permanent structures of any kind.

2) No dumping of gray water per Texas State Regulations other than in designated site sewer hookups. Do NOT flush any objects other than toilet paper into the sewer system. Water/Sewer hoses should not leak.

3) No outdoor sinks or portable showers are to be set up on your campsite.

4) No hot tubs or swimming pools are to be set up on your campsite.

5) No cutting or trimming of any trees or shrubbery without the consent of the park manager (could spread virus).

6)No ropes or hammocks to be hung in trees. No laundry to be hung outside on clothes lines or inside laundry room.

7) No throwing of cigarettes or other litter on the ground in the park. Bags of trash go in dumpster next to Barn.

8) No tent stakes or rebar to be driven into ground at RV sites (Sections A-E).