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Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat…

tricolored bat, texas caves, cascade caverns

Did you know that our Tricolored Bats have such a strong instinct to roost in the winter that they may choose the exact same spot in a cave to call home year after year? Talk about knowing what you want! We’re so glad they choose Cascade Caverns as their safe place! This little cave kitten has […]

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Seventy Foot Ceilings, Impressive? Yes.

A few million years of water.

Imagine a cavern with a 70 foot ceiling raging with water so powerful that over the years it carves domes in the ceiling so large you could park a car in it! Imagine the sound it must make, or what it would feel like in the immeasurable pressure per gallons of water on your body, raging through […]

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