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Tour Guidelines / Rules

Our scenic tour is 45-60 minutes long depending on group size and interaction. The passages are smooth gravel and relatively dry. There are areas that require squatting or leaning over while walking because of low head clearance as well as several steps leading to and from the cave opening. Although the tour is not particularly strenuous in nature we do allow for breaks as necessary during the course of the tour.

Cascade Cavern is a “live” cave; water is constantly moving through the rock and creating formations. The oil from our hands will close the pores in the rock. The formation will stop growing if the water can no longer come through the rock; “killing” the formation. For this reason, please do not touch the formations or put your hand into the waters.

  • Please wear clothing and footwear appropriate for a cave (tennis or hiking shoes): humid, cool temperatures. Water droplets are likely to fall on you as this cave is still a living cave.
  • Please no smoking, eating or drinking in the cave. Bottled water is allowed and please bring the bottle back up with you. Please stay behind the guide at all times and stay close together.
  • There are no pets allowed in the cave as they may cause disturbance or transfer diseases to other animals in this delicate environment.
  • No strollers are permitted in the cave as the cave is only accessible via a long descending stairway.
  • No single person tours.

NOTE: Cascade Caverns does not assume responsibility for accidents which are caused by customers not listening to tour guide advisements, caveats and warnings.